Services for Job Seekers

Easterseals Veteran Staffing Network is a non-profit staffing agency helping our nation's veterans and military spouses find long-term, meaningful employment. We serve anyone who has ever worn the uniform or supported someone who has, including National Guard and Reserve members. 

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We Are Committed to Your Success!

Our dedicated team of career coaches and recruiters can help you leverage the skills you acquired through military service to achieve your career goals. Our self-paced, online training and one-on-one personal career coaching will help you:

  • Translate your military experience to the civilian workforce

  • Create an individual career development plan

  • Write a powerful resume

  • Effectively target desired employees

  • Develop a proactive strategy for social media and face-to-face networking

  • Sharpen your interview skills


How we help...

The Veteran Staffing Network believes is helping you learn how to get a meaningful career opportunity. We offer assistance through a variety of ways through one-on-one coaching appointments, an online curriculum available 24/7 and regular presentations through our popular virtual training program, Tuesday Talks. 


Tuesday Talks Live Webinars

Our Tuesday Talks are regularly scheduled events covering a variety of topics related to finding meaningful career paths and preparation for the job search. Click to see our upcoming events and to register.

One-on-one Career Coaching

The Career Coaches who work for the Veteran Staffing Network are experts on military to civilian transition and well versed in the skill of job search. Additionally, our coaches are knowledgeable about current employment trends, opportunity for skills developments and methodologies to control your job search. These conversations are held over the phone or video chats.

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Free Financial Wellness Resources

Managing personal finances is a critical life skill. In partnership with our friends at Prudential, we have provided you access to a wealth of information. From live webinars and expert advice to assessments and tool, you now have the ability to determine your financial future.


Military Spouse - Navy

"VSN was positive and professional and I now have the job that works for me and my family with lots of overtime when needed!”


Army Veteran

The career coaching services I received from the Veteran Staffing Network were excellent! From creating a resume to preparation for the interview and salary negotiation, their services fully prepared me for my next opportunity.


Army Veteran

I was provided an excellent coach who taught me how to build a resume, create an elevator pitch, prepare and present myself during an interview. It has been a game-changer for me.