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Boost Your Chances of Getting a Callback: How to Email the Hiring Manager Like a Pro

Updated: Jul 8, 2023


Searching for a job can be challenging, especially with so many people competing for the same positions. But here's a little secret: You don't have to be limited by the traditional approach of sending your resume through a job posting. By contacting the hiring manager directly, you can make a big impact and boost your chances of getting a callback. It's a smart way to stand out and show your enthusiasm for the job.

Here are some tips to help you write an amazing email to the hiring manager:

  1. Do your research: Before sending your email, take the time to learn more about the company and the role you're interested in. Refer to what you discovered in your message. This will show the hiring manager your genuine interest and commitment to the job.

  2. Craft an effective subject line: Your subject line is the first thing a hiring manager sees in your email. Keep it short, to the point, and attention-grabbing by using the job title and your name. You could also reference something specific about the company or job posting.

  3. Personalize your email: Avoid generic greetings like "Dear Hiring Manager." Instead, use the hiring manager’s name in your email to add a personal touch and demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to research who they are. You can also let them know how you found out about the job opening.

  4. Show off your skills: In your email, highlight your relevant skills and achievements that make you a perfect fit for the job. The hiring manager will appreciate a clear and concise summary of your experience.

  5. Keep it short and sweet: Hiring managers are busy people who receive many emails every day, so make sure your email is easy to read and understand. Use bullet points to emphasize your skills and achievements. Aim for a message that is no longer than about 150 words in length.

  6. Attach Your Resume: Remember to attach your resume to the email. Ensure that it is up to date and tailored specifically to the job you're applying for. Make sure the file name has a variation of your name (John_Smith_Resume.pdf). Mention in your email that you have attached your resume for their reference.

  7. Follow-up: If you haven't received a response after a few days, sending a follow-up email is perfectly fine. Keep it polite and brief.

Here's a sample email template to get you started:

Subject: [Your Name] - Interested in the [Job Title] role at [Company Name]

Hello [Hiring Manager's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I recently discovered the [Job Title] role at [Company Name] and was genuinely impressed by the company's commitment to [Company's Unique Value Proposition]. As a [Your Current Position/Relevant Background], I am confident that my skills and experience would make me a valuable addition to the team.

Here are key highlights of my experience that align with the role:

• [Key Skill 1]: [Brief Description of Relevant Experience]

• [Key Skill 2]: [Brief Description of Relevant Experience]

• [Key Skill 3]: [Brief Description of Relevant Experience]

I would be thrilled to discuss my qualifications further and explore how I can contribute to the success of [Company Name]. Please let me know if you are interested in scheduling a call or if there is any additional information I can provide.

Thank you for considering my application. I have attached my resume for your reference, which provides a comprehensive overview of my professional experience, skills, and accomplishments.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

The email to the hiring manager is a condensed and personalized version of a cover letter. It can be a more effective way of communicating because it's a direct approach to the hiring manager, showing initiative and the willingness to go above and beyond. This can help you stand out from other applicants who rely solely on the traditional application process.

If you're looking for ways to locate the email address of a hiring manager, you can check out the Insider Strategies: How to Find a Hiring Manager's Email Address guide.

Emailing the hiring manager directly can be a game-changer in your job search. Remember, the key to success is confidence and positivity! By following these tips, you can write an email that is professional, personalized, and encouraging. You've got this, and the perfect job is just around the corner!


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Michael Robinson is a Career Coach at Easterseals Veteran Staffing Network (VSN), where he assists Veterans, military spouses, and transitioning service members in achieving their employment goals. With over 10 years of experience, Michael has held various roles, including hiring manager, corporate recruiter, and career counselor. Prior to joining VSN, he worked as a Department of Labor Transition Assistance Program (DOL TAP) Facilitator, where he helped military service members and their spouses navigate the military-to-civilian transition process.


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